The Climate Box toolbox contains six training modules with a series of micro-learning units, which adult educators and trainers can easily integrate into their courses and training sessions to enhance climate awareness and motivate adult participants to adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles. 

The Guidance Publication complements the Climate Box toolbox. It introduces the approach of how climate-relevant issues can be addressed in an activating way. It also summarises the experience gained by the Climate Box partners in implementing the Climate Box approach and highlights the findings and recommendations based on feedback from adult educators and trainers involved in the implementation phase.

The Climate Box training modules are supported by additional educational activities available in a dedicated Climate Box app. The app can be downloaded to mobile phones and contains practical exercises that relate to the six Climate Box training modules. Find all information here.

Module 1: Climate Change and Personal Impact
Module 2: Personal Choice - Waste and Packaging
Module 3: Personal Choice – Food und Nutrition
Module 4: Personal Choice - Consumption and Efficiency
Module 5: Environment – Pollution and protection
Module 6: Networking and Multiplication
Guidance Publication