Climate Box as part of REVEAL14 exhibition

The planned final event as part of our project has generated a creative spark and triggered the discussion on how to present projects and products in an innovative and sustainable way. This led to the idea of creating an exhibition in which projects and products on the theme of sustainable and cultural development can be represented. Thereby, our motto was – we will talk less and experiment more! So we invited other products and projects to join together for the exhibition and conference under the umbrella of REVEAL – a European network that promotes open competence-based learning.

The result was an event attended by more than 100 European and local guests and an exhibition comprising 25 exhibits. Each project or product was represented in an on-site exhibition with an artefact – the Climate Box project of course featured boxes hiding small climate-related tasks – and was complemented by resources in the virtual exhibition space. These include: a factsheet, videos, interviews, picture gallery, etc. The virtual exhibition can be visited here. The Climate Box space is here.